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Online Devotions for a Time Such as This

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At this moment, we find ourselves intimately connected as a community of faith—as individuals, church leaders, families, friends, fellow students and nations—by being strangely set apart, distanced and isolated. For Christians and those of other traditions and worldviews, we derive and sustain our core identities from the inspired wisdom of scripture, liturgy and countless rituals of belonging that usually draw us into the embrace of community. Being dispersed from our campuses and places of work and worship, we are now discovering how to be connectional in new ways.

While on many levels it feels like we have been torn apart, we have not been torn asunder. Just the opposite, it seems. To the degree that we find ourselves honoring one another by setting ourselves safely apart physically, we sense that we may be more interconnected than ever before. As we communicate with others in virtual ways, be they believers or skeptics, we hear in the voices of many a deepening awareness of unity that is awakened through solitude.

During this weekly series of online devotions, GBHEM will offer regular encouragement through prayer, mindfulness and loving practices to connect us with our Lord and each other. In the wilderness and many lonely places, we will gain the spiritual power together to embrace and accomplish God’s calling.

With and in the power of the Holy Spirit, we are made strong by being alone together, and together alone.

Collegiate Devotions: Finding Peace and Community Even When We are Apart

Our devotions will follow the five prompts found in our collegiate resource, “The Awakened Life: An 8-Week Guide to Student Well-Being.” Join us for each one: Awake, Aware, Alive, Abide and Arise. These devotions will lead you into various exercises, journaling opportunities and virtual conversations with friends, along with audio and video clips.

Devotion #1: When Your Body Has Become Still, Reach Out Your Heart
Devotion #2: Hope of the Resurrection
Devotion #3: We Must Be Prepared
Devotion #4: Using the R.A.I.N. Technique
Devotion #5: Grounding the Body
Devotion #6: Carrying One Another’s Pain
Devotion #7: What We Can and Cannot Control
Devotion #8: Creation Groans
Devotion #9: Creation Redeemed
Devotion #10: Awakening to Gratitude
Devotion #11: Wounded Healers
Devotion #12: What God has Joined Together
Devotion #13: Pray Without Ceasing

Leader Devotions: Tending to Our Flock – and Ourselves – in a Time of Crisis

During this challenging time, GBHEM is offering the following devotions to help you flourish in your leadership context. You are called especially at this time to lead God’s people. GBHEM hopes to nurture you with these devotions as you nurture your respective flocks. (Excerpts from “Discover, Claim, and Flourish: Reflecting on Your Leadership Journey,” General Board of Higher Education and Ministry)

Devotion #1: Soul Fortitude
Devotion #2: Discover Strength in Kindness
Devotion #3: Resilient Leaders Fail
Devotion #4: When You Aren’t Feeling Confident
Devotion #5: Creativity in Chaos
Devotion #6: Two Kinds of Courage
Devotion #7: Acts of Kindness Define a Leader
Devotion #8: To Grow and Evolve in the Midst of Flux
Devotion #9: The Way Forward in Clarity
Devotion #10: Powered Up to Go the Extra Mile
Devotion #11: Moving from Agile to Transformative
Devotion #12: Vision Changes the World
Devotion #13: Dreaming of Possibilities and Potential

Candidate and Aspiring Clergy Devotions: Discerning God’s Call in Uncertain Times

It may feel difficult to discern and respond faithfully to God’s call during this global crisis. GBHEM has adapted its Young Clergy Initiative discernment journal, “Listen. Discern. Respond. A Guide to Answering God’s Invitation,” into weekly devotions to help you quiet your heart and listen for God’s voice right now.

Devotion #1: Perceived Separation
Devotion #2: Unique Creation
Devotion #3: Have Patience
Devotion #4: Presence of Wonder
Devotion #5: Soul with Wings
Devotion #6: See God Today
Devotion #7: With Gratitude
Devotion #8: Finding Hope and Courage
Devotion #9: The Wind Says Hello
Devotion #10: For I was Hungry
Devotion #11: Go Forth and Wonder
Devotion #12: Hope in Despair
Devotion #13: Perseverance

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