LEAD Hub Brazil

Location: Lead Hub Brazil

Executive Director: Prof. Dr. Paulo Roberto Garcia

E-mail: leadBrazil@gbhemhubs.org

LEAD Hub Brazil works in partnership with LEAD Hub Argentina, with a focus on advancing theological education in Latin America and the Caribbean. The goal of the partnership is to establish partnerships between theological institutions, Churches and increase fundraising training. Our partnership with Argentina also supports processes for educational institutions and their projects; ALAIME (Latin American Association of Methodist Educational Institutions). and Chaplaincy Training.

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Lead Hub Brazil is working in partnership with Scott Gilpin developing training for Methodist Churches in Peru, Uruguay and Brazil.

Lead Hub Brazil is establishing networks of Methodist Theological Institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean (REDIME), which currently has more than 15 countries represented. From REDIME we are also supporting the creation of a Network of Methodist Theology Students and New Pastors.

Lead Hub Brazil has launched a YouTube channel in partnership with LEAD Hub de Moçambique, offering theological reflections based on conferences and lectures in Portuguese and Spanish. We currently have more than a hundred subscribers.

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LEAD Hubs Portuguese Language YouTube Channel