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Serving United Methodist Students

GBHEM Scholarships offers financial aid to United Methodist students pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees. Every year, we award an average of $5.5 million to help students in the United States and abroad pursue their dreams through higher education. With this financial aid, GBHEM is opening pathways for students of all backgrounds to earn their degrees and serve as the next generation of leaders for the church and the world.

List of Scholarships

The GBHEM scholarship application opens in December of each year. You can only submit one application per year where it will be screened for all possible eligible programs. You may indicate on the first page of the scholarship application which of the below listed programs you would most like to be considered for. Award amounts below are a general estimate of awards given. Scholarship programs are divided into three categories:

Where Does the Money Come From?

Funding for our scholarships is made possible through the generosity of our fellow United Methodists and through decades of sound financial stewardship by our agency. Financial support for all GBHEM and scholarships comes from five primary sources:

63 percent from endowments.
22 percent from wills and annuities.
13 percent from United Methodist Special Sundays
1 percent from online gifts.
1 percent from fiduciary income.

Apply For Scholarships

One of the major obstacles to students who are preparing for their calling at a college or university is a lack of financial resources.
We are here to connect you with the resources you need to claim and flourish in your calling through higher education.

Scholarship Application Opens: December 15–March 13

Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

Your Generosity is Important

100% Goes to Students

Every year, we award an average of $5.5 million to help students in the United States and abroad pursue their dreams through higher education.

HBCU Scholarships

International Grants and Scholarships Program

Ethnic-In-Service Training Grant

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One of the most significant ways The United Methodist Church helps make quality education accessible to all is through the Black College Fund (BCF). Learn more about how it supports the 11 historically black colleges and universities related to the church.

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Explore funding options through the Central Conference Theological Education Fund (CCTEF). CCTEF was designed to strengthen theological education and pastoral formation in all the Central Conferences in Africa, Europe and the Philippines.

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