The general application for all GBHEM scholarships is available here. The application period is Dec. 15 – March 13 for fall term awards only. GBHEM Scholarships is partnering with a company called International Scholarship and Tuition Services Inc. (ISTS) to provide an online application and database for our programs. ISTS is a firm that specializes in managing sponsored scholarship programs. The application eliminates any paper submission by the applicant or reference. During the awarding process, ISTS will be in touch with you on behalf of GBHEM. The ISTS portal is the one place to apply for programs and check the status of missing items for all GBHEM programs.

Before You Begin

  • Each applicant may apply once per year for a scholarship from GBHEM.
  • Review the list of scholarships and select one scholarship program for which you wish to apply. If you are unsure which scholarship to choose, select the “General Scholarship” program. GBHEM will determine the best program with available funds for you.

Completing the Application

  • First time users create a username and password using a valid email address that you frequently check. This will be the way we communicate with you throughout the scholarship process. For returning users, enter the username and password you created previously.
  • The scholarship code on the application for scholarships is GBHEMScholarship.
  • Have the address of your current UM church and the school where you will be enrolled.
  • Have email addresses for your references. You will need your pastor to confirm church membership and a church reference who knows you well. (Some applicants will also need a district committee on ministry (DCOM) member, an academic advisor or CPE supervisor.) References must submit their recommendations via a specific link and code generated from your application. Note: pastor reference and church reference must be different.
  • Obtain an unofficial copy of your transcript. You will be asked to upload a scanned version of your transcript with grades through December.
  • Some students will need a current copy of their resume.
  • You may save the application throughout the entry process and return later to complete it.
  • DO NOT FORGET to SUBMIT the application on the last page of the application. You will need to scroll down to the bottom of the SAVE/SUBMIT page and hit the SUBMIT button.

After Submission

  • Your application is not complete until we have received ALL required items within the online application, including references.
  • Visit your “HOME” page to check the status of your application and references completion prior to deadline.
  • Visit your “PROFILE” page to change your address, phone, email or where you will be enrolled in school. You can do this BEFORE or AFTER the deadline has passed.
  • Once a scholarship has been awarded, the student must accept the award on their individual application site and upload a verification of enrollment before the scholarship check is issued. Verification of enrollment (VOE) can be a tuition receipt, letter from the registrar’s office certifying enrollment or class schedule.

Additional Questions?

  • Refer to our Eligibility page for questions about scholarship requirements. You may also contact the Office of Scholarships by email at or phone at 615-340-7344.
  • For technical questions about the application process, contact ISTS by email at or toll free at 800-914-8389. When emailing, please include the name of the scholarship program or sponsor (GBHEM) and your username.

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