Office Information Phone: 615-340-7413

Office Information Phone: 615-340-7400

  • Assistant General Secretary Of Ministry & Formation

  • Vice President, Education, North America

  • Executive Director Of Center For Integrative Pastoral Practice


  • Chief Connectional Relations Officer

  • Senior Director Of Global Education, Ministry & Initiatives

  • Director Of Endorsement And Endorsing Agent


  • Director Schools, Colleges, And Universities

  • Executive Director Of Contextual Leadership Development

  • Equity Officer & Assistant General Secretary

  • Executive Director Of The Black College Fund And Ethnic Concerns

  • Director Of Conference Relations

Office Information Phone: 615-340-7356

Other direct emails and phone numbers:

Division of Ordained Ministry 615-340-7389
Division of Higher Education 615-340-7402
Black College Fund 615-340-7378
Candidacy/ Passage UMC
Central Conference Theological Education Fund 615-340-7396
Collegiate Ministries 615-340-7364
Course of Study 615-340-7416
CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education and CIPP) 615-340-7365
Deacons, Ministry Certifications and BGTS 615-340-7331
Finance Department
Global Education and New Initiatives 615-340-7347
Marketing and Communications 615-340-7383
Office of General Secretary
Office of Scholarships 615-340-7342
Publishing Office
Reflective Supervision 615-340-7431
Schools, Colleges, and Universities 615-340-7406
Specialized Theological Education 615-340-7390
Transcript Evaluations: Adv. COS/Deacon/Ordained Ministry 615-340-7348
United Methodist Endorsing Agency 615-340-7411
University Senate 615-340-7389