Passage UMC

The central location for candidates and clergy to track progress toward their vocational goals in the United Methodist Church.

Discernment should be more about attending to the Holy Spirit than navigating administration. Passage [UMC] clarifies requirements, automates progression, answers questions and keeps tabs on development so that Annual Conferences, clergy and candidates can focus on what matters most: discerning God’s call.

Built by professionals specifically designed based on feedback from candidates, District Superintendents, and Annual Conferences, Passage [UMC] is purpose-built for the specific objective of making the operations and procedures of the ministry credentialing process easier. It consolidates platforms into one easy-to-use centralized location, and removes the cumbersome need to rely on an assortment of Google Sheets, Mailchimp, Survey Monkey, Dropbox, etc.

Reducing the Administrative Burden

Passage [UMC] Utilization serves both as a syllabus and roadmap, bringing clarity to the process and the steps and requirements during the journey. The platform, built on industry-leading technology, provides a homebase through the credentialing process. Highly customizable according to Annual Conference needs, administrators can schedule prompts to inform on what documents are needed, set deadline tracking and provide visibility for all, serve as a daily communication hub for responsibilities and steps in the process.


  • Create tracks for your specific annual conference requirements.
  • Customize forms.
  • Customize steps on an individual user participant basis.
  • Use tags to add a label to a profile–language preference, potential leaders with high potential, age range, service context; so you can sort, pull reports from later. Unlimited identifier opportunities.

Passage [UMC] leverages the best, custom-built, Methodist-specific online platform to help clergy and candidates alike discover their call, claim their identity, and flourish in ministry.

Built with You In Mind

GBHEM spent a tremendous amount of time observing the needs of users of the original UMCares, and then built a user experience that will provide clarity and confidence so that the focus can remain not on administration but on the journey. Passage [UMC] provides a dashboard level view of the progress of each individual and how they are tracking towards their credentialing requirements. It encourages creativity in an easy-to-understand environment so that features can be customized according to each Annual Conference’s needs.