International Association of Methodist Schools, Colleges and Universities (IAMSCU)

IAMSCU was created during the 16th World Methodist Conference in Singapore in 1991 as a major initiative to promote integration, internationalization and inter-institutional cooperation within the Wesleyan and Methodist traditions of education. Today, more than 1,000 higher education institutions around the globe are affiliated with the association.

IAMSCU’s goals are to:

  • Increase the availability of educational opportunities throughout the world.
  • Improve global quality of education.
  • Enable educational institutions to collaborate through the development of common understanding.

Member institutions are represented through an assembly that meets every three years, and the organization is overseen by a board of directors and executive officers. The board of directors is composed of members from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America and North America. In additional to the triennial assembly meetings, annual board meetings are held to advise and approve planned programs and promote activities supported by the association.

Membership Benefits

As part of its service to education, IAMSCU promotes the following activities:

  • Meetings, workshops and conferences.
  • Global Directory of Institutions.
  • Human Rights Network.
  • Environmental Humanities Network.
  • International exchange of faculty and staff.
  • Institutional support and technical assistance.
  • Methodist International Student Exchange Network (MISEN).
  • Fundraising and volunteer opportunities.
  • Research Symposiums.
  • Publications.

IAMSCU Dues should reflect:

Primary and Secondary Schools

$100 (US)

Theological Schools

$100 (US)

Colleges and Universities

• Under 2,500 Enrollment

$150 (US)

• Over 2,500 Enrollment

$300 (US)