Location: Lead Hub South Africa

Executive Director: Stephen James Heinrich Hendricks

E-mail: leadSouthAfrica@gbhemhubs.org

LEAD Hub South Africa works with English speaking Wesleyan formations on the continent of Africa including MCSA, UMC, AME, CON & the Salvation Army to develop and execute seminars and learning programs for Methodist leaders. As the Executive Director of Lead Hub South Africa, I serve as the Education Advisor to the office of the Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa. Lead Hub Brazil also collaborates with the Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary in South Africa providing training seminarian support as well as development of Chaplaincy programs

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Recent Activities

  • Supported the development and design of a Methodist Regional University in South Africa.
  • Organized school visits with Prof Paul Shew, Vice Chancellor of Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo, Japan. Prof Shew made visits to the following schools is South Africa: Ivory Park Schools, St Stithains College, Kearnery College, Epworth Girls College and Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary (SMMs).
  • Facilitate capacity building in partnership with Generous Church (USA) to help implement the Generosity Design Lab Model of Stewardship in terms of time, treasure and talent for over 2000 participants at the Connexional, District, Circuit and Society levels.

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