LEAD Hub – South East Asia and Philippines

Location: Philippines and Southeast Asia

Executive Director: Rev. Dr. Connie Semy P. Mella

E-mail: csmella.uts@gmail.com

The Lead Hub Philippines and Southeast Asia is a supportive and guiding force behind the work of the Philippine Association of Methodist Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Seminaries (PAMSCUS). LEAD Hub Philippines is dedicated to fostering a dynamic and cohesive educational community within the Methodist tradition in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. It also works closely with the Asia Pacific Association of Methodist Educational Institutions (APAMEI) in promoting academic excellence, faith integration, and global connections, especially in promoting Wesleyan education.



Educational Excellence and Leadership Development: Lead Hub Philippines and Southeast Asia promotes academic excellence by facilitating faculty development programs by providing assistance to thesis and dissertation writers of PAMSCUS-member institutions.

Interconnectedness: Lead Hub Philippines and Southeast Asia facilitates connection among Methodist educational institutions across the Philippines. The PAMSCUS Assembly provides communication channels, collaboration, idea sharing, and the exchange of best practices among member institutions.

Community Engagement: Lead Hub Philippines and Southeast Asia encourages Methodist institutions to participate in their communities actively. It collaborates with PAMSCUS-member institutions like Southern Philippines Methodist Colleges Inc. (SPMCI) and Union Theological Seminary (UTS) to provide service-learning initiatives, outreach programs, and projects addressing local and national social issues.

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