IAMSCU board members are selected from the member institutions and represent different types of schools, geographic regions and areas of expertise.

Executive Committee

  • Tom Wolfe, President
  • Adriana Murriello, Vice-President
  • Amos Nascimento, Secretary – Treasurer
  • Bishop Mande Muyumbo, Board Member
  • Hilde Marie Movafagh, Board Member
  • Greg Bergquist, Ex Officio Member
  • Marcio de Moraes, Past Presdent

IAMSCU Board of Directors Roster 2017 – 2020

Christopher Stephens, England
Marcia Hawkins, USA
Jamisse Taimo, Mozambique
Janet Unsworth, Ireland
Jeffrey Kuan, USA
Luther Felder, USA
Wei Liang Chao, Taiwan
Bradley Fenner, Australia
J. C. Park, South Korea
Yoshiharu Yamamoto, Japan
Thomas Wolfe, USA
Hilde Marie Movafagh, Norway
Bishop Mande Muyombo, Democratic Republic of Congo
Musubi Tabuchi, Japan
Adriana Murriello, Argentina
Fayneese Miller, USA
Bishop James E. Swanson Sr., USA
Ex Officio / Voice and Vote
Greg Bergquist, USA
Amos Nascimento, Brazil
Ex Officio / Voice no Vote
Ken Yamada, USA
Gerald Lord, USA
Kimberly Lord, USA
Sergei Nikolaev, Russia