Location: Lead Hub South Korea

Executive Director: Young Min Paik

E-mail: leadSouthKorea@gbhemhubs.org

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Recent Activities

  • Programming, networking, and supporting resources for the Methodist-related schools
    1) Korean seminarians visit to USA – Emory and Drew University, Exploration by GBHEM (Feb 13-23, 2024)
    2) IAMSCU Research Symposium on “AI & Education” with APAMEI Board Meeting in Tokyo, Japan in conjunction (Jan 26-27, 2024)
    3) Consultation visit for the Southeast Asia Theological Education in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia (Dec. 11-14, 2023)
    4) APAMEI monthly online forum on “Making Peace Peacefully in the Context of India” by Brig Rajiv Williams (Nov. 25, 2023)

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