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Spiritual Direction and the Metamorphosis of Church

by Brenda K. Buckwell



ISBN: 9781945935800




ISBN: 9781945935800


Let God Open Your Church to Its God-sized Potential

Set your church free to follow the Spirit of God and become more life-giving through a deeper experience of the living present of Christ. Taking cues from the extraordinary lifecycle of the Monarch butterfly, the practices in this easy-to-implement book are for all who are seeking new ways for opening God-sized potential of faith, leadership, and being in community together through the art and practice of spiritual direction.

From the most learned to seekers to students of faith looking for authentic community, this book will provide a pathway of discovery through the process of spiritual formation. The beloved community of church can be formed in new ways through spiritual direction training. This book provides inward- and outward-shaping resources for transforming leaders and congregations so that they may discover, claim, and flourish in ministry.

Rev. Dr. Brenda Buckwell is an innovator who increases leadership excellence and deepens awareness of the God through spiritual direction, coaching, leadership training, education, and retreats. Brenda is founder of Living Streams Flowing Water ministry, adjunct for Ashland Theological Seminary, and is part of the teaching team for Connectional Learning at Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary and CenterQuest. Author of The Advent of God’s Word, Brenda is co-founder of The Fellowship of United Methodist Spiritual Directors and Retreat Leaders (Hearts on Fire) and an Associate of Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation and Spiritual Directors International.

Praise for Spiritual Direction and the Metamorphosis of Church

“In this richly textured book, Brenda Buckwell identifies historic practices of spiritual direction and weaves them thoughtfully into the fabric of the Christian community. She employs the metaphor of the butterfly’s transformation—moving from egg to chrysalis to beautiful flight—as a developmental vision of a loving and grace-filled life with God. Buckwell provides a practical and profoundly relevant guide to spiritual development that enables the church to soar.”

Dr. Paul W. Chilcote, United Methodist theologian and historian

“How do we birth authentic community in our churches? In this book, Brenda Buckwell breathes new life into spiritual formation, expanding the frame to include congregational transformation, along with personal and small group spiritual direction. In her easy to read, creative style she tenderly guides this process with practical tools and stories. It is the perfect resource for this liminal time as we form new ways of being church.”

Kay Lindahl, CPP, author of The Sacred Art of Listening and Practicing the Sacred Art of Listening

“The author’s commitment and passion for the formative life of the church is contagious and I hope the contagion spreads to congregations all over. This is a highly practical tool assembled for us by a seasoned formator and spiritual director. Brenda is gifting the wide spectrum of the Body of Christ with this labor of love and we will be remiss if we fail to receive it with an open heart and mind.”

Wil Hernandez, PhD, Obl. OSB, Executive Director of CenterQuest and author of Nouwen Trilogy

“This book is a step in the right direction. The spiritual growth and guidance of the local congregation is far too often poorly understood by those who train our pastors and those who oversee the local church. We need to understand more about the spiritual life of the faith community—because every congregation has a “soul” and a unique place in the larger body of Christ. We need to understand how to nurture the spiritual growth of our spiritual leaders—both lay and clergy. Spiritual Direction and the Metamorphosis of Church brings research, experience, and insight to help meet this need.”

Tom Albin, Director of Spiritual Formation & Congregational Life, The Upper Room

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