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Introduction to Christian Worship Grammar, Theology, & Practice

by Steven D. Bruns



ISBN: 9781945935404






ISBN: 9781945935411

The who, what, when, where, why, and how of worship

Preaching, fellowship, sacraments, and prayer continue to serve as the model of worship. The forms have changed, but these four elements, worship’s basic grammar, remain constant despite the richly diverse practices of Christian communities.

Grounded and beginning with Scripture and the priesthood of all believers, Bruns introduces students to the theological and practical fundamentals of planning and leading worship. Although the perspective is broad, this introduction draws heavily from the Wesleyan/Methodist perspective. 

Topics include: theology of ordination; theology of sacred space; the order of worship; the church year; sacraments; music; and the practicalities of leading and planning worship.

Praise for Introduction to Worship

“With Introduction to Christian Worship, Steven Bruns has written an important primer for any scholar, pastor, or lay person. Exploring the significance of ‘the nouns and verbs of Christian worship,’ Bruns investigates the vital intersection of doxology, liturgical practice, and spirituality. An engaging and informative read that has the potential to lead the church into greater depths of praise and prayer to God.” 

—Jonathan A. Powers, Assistant Professor of Worship Studies, Asbury Theological Seminary

“Bruns’s Introduction to Christian Worshipmeets the need for liturgical instruction by providing a useful framework for the grammar of worship across the ecumenical spectrum while remaining firmly grounded in the Wesleyan-Methodist tradition. His treatment is admirably well-rounded, addressing biblical, historical, theological foundations, and offering a wealth of practical guidance and advice. This is a wide-ranging and accessible resource that will be of interest to students, pastors, and all who are involved in leading worship.”

—James E. Pedlar, Bastian Chair of Wesley Studies, Tyndale University College & Seminary 

“This book is for those who are wanting to learn more about worship in its broadest sense, and they will find this work helpful. Within this grammar there is a kind and gentle spirit that provides suggestions but always in a space of hospitality.” 

—Brent Peterson, author of Created to Worship, and Dean of the School of Theology and Christian Ministry at Northwest Nazarene University

Steven D. Brunsis Chair of Ministry and Theology Department at Central Christian College of Kansas. 

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