Escoge la Sabiduría

by Eric A. Hernández López
Escoge la Sabiduría
ISBN: 9781945935183
ISBN: 9781945935183

Stewardship is not about what we have but what we give others.

In the fallout of the disaster brought to the island of Puerto Rico by hurricane María, Hernández seeks to equip local churches and leaders to use their resources wisely in order to engage in service, healthy conversation, and expressions of generosity.

Written in Spanish and beginning with the book of Proverbs, Hernández invites us to choose wisdom by using our gifts, words, and money to do good, build the kingdom of God, and transform our communities.

This book highlights the importance of the priesthood of all believers and helps them with practical recommendations about how to live an abundant life by serving the church and community. Hernández affirms that we can learn about the health of our congregations by the way people talk and manage conflict, and he gives the readers a healthy foundation to teach and guide congregations in areas related to money and tithing. This book is also a valuable resource to help not only Hispanic Latino ministries in The United Methodist Church but by any Spanish-speaking church.

Eric A. Hernández López es pastor de la Iglesia Metodista de Puerto Rico y presidente de la Junta Conferencial del Ministerio Ordenado de esta iglesia. Posee una maestría en psicología industrial organizacional.

Praise for Escoge la Sabiduría

“Because of present circumstances, the topics of service, words, and money gain a special vigor in this book, particularly in the way they relate to the challenges of the church all over the world.”

—Dr. Justo L. González, historian and theologian

“Eric A. Hernández López writes from the perspective of a pastor who is ready to do practical theology, and his book is an excellent contribution to the work of the church.”

—Bishop Héctor F. Ortiz Vidal, Methodist Church of Puerto Rico

“This book affirms the virtue of using optimally, in accordance to the Bible advices, our service, words, and money. The heart of the book is that we should do everything well, because it reveals our spiritual and emotional maturity.”

—Dr. Samuel Pagán, Dean of Hispanic Programs, Jerusalem Center for Biblical Studies

“500 years ago, the Protestant Reformation transformed the church into a learning center.  Like Luther, Calvin, and Wesley, Eric A. Hernández López unfolds his passion of forming our lay and clergy. This book is an example of a pastoral ministry with a pedagogic and biblical intentionality.”

—Dr. Ediberto López, Professor of New Testament and Greek, Evangelical Seminary of Puerto Rico

“Eric A. Hernández López has turned these topics of wisdom into a stimulating, agile, practical, and required reading to any lay or clergy leader who wishes to be transformed by the Spirit.”

—Dr. Doris J. García Rivera, Professor of Old Testament and President, Evangelical Seminary of Puerto Rico

Eric A. Hernández López is a pastor and Chair of the Board of Ordained Ministry in the Methodist Church of Puerto Rico and a licensed industrial/organizational psychologist.