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The Four Gospels: An Introduction for Preaching and Teaching

by J. Samuel Subramanian



ISBN: 9781945935923




ISBN: 9781945935923


Jesus of Nazareth is the object of Christian faith, hope, and worship and the subject of teaching and preaching in churches throughout the world. In The Four Gospels: An Introduction for Preaching and Teaching, J. Samuel Sabramanian lays a firm foundation as he addresses the context, authorship, and basics of each gospel. Using John Wesley’s notes on each gospel text, this thorough yet accessible introduction also demonstrates how each gospel writer exemplifies the “whole scope and tenor of scripture.”

In this book the author provides a solid foundation for the study of the Gospels; offers insights from the writings on each gospel by John Wesley; and shows readers how to preach and teach from each gospel. As a result readers will have a clear understanding of the biblical content; learn the distinctives of a Wesleyan approach to the Gospels; and be better able to guide congregations to help them become more biblically literate.

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