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Los Profetas The Prophetic Role of Hispanic Churches in America

by Daniel F. Flores

Foreword by Bishop Joel N. Martinez



ISBN: 9781953052117




ISBN: 9781953052117


The Multi-Vocal Witness and Rich Diversity of Hispanic Protestant Churches

To understand Hispanic Christians and their identity as American Protestants, we must look to the rich textures and the variegated strands of experience of those who have led us to this point. The term “Hispanic” is not, nor has it ever been, a monochrome fabric; rather it has always been a rich tapestry of different colors of religious experiences, traditions, interpretations, meanings, and practices, some of which are so ingrained that we have forgotten that they were ever added at all. These voices from many cultures make us who we are; so when the voice of Hispanic Christianity is heard, it is less like listening to a solo and more like hearing an orchestra. Because of our combined witness, we are stronger and more agile as a faith community. But sometimes we forget that the woodwinds can carry the melody; it doesn’t always have to be the first violins. There are leaders in every part of our community, who speak out of different concerns and who are more effective in reaching those who have never heard the songs of Zion. To be a Church who professes its desire to make disciples to transform the world, we need all voices. The Church can be fruitful, in part, because we are comprised of those who made the most of their circumstances in order to first survive and then thrive.

This collection of inspiring essays lifts and celebrates the voices of Hispanic / Latino leaders who have achieved special recognition in their contexts of ministry. Nine diverse Wesleyan and Pentecostal practitioners draw from their personal insights and experiences to share strategies for prophetic ministry in America. Some of the topics include the incarnational church, Campesinos, border church, cross-cultural ministry, missions, evangelism, politics, and leadership. This resource is highly recommended for pastors, laity, professors, and seminarians.

Gretchen L. Avila-Torres          Vinicius Couto
César M. Durán                           Daniel F. Flores
Thelma Herrera Flores              Joseph A. Ocasio
Daniel E. Ruarte                          Girien Ricardo Salazar
Eliezer Valentín-Castañón

Rev. Dr. Daniel F. Flores is the University Librarian and the Luther W. and Ruth E. Sappenfield Chair of Library Science at Texas Lutheran University. He has taught history and theology in the US, England, the Caribbean, and Latin America. He holds six earned graduate degrees including an MDiv from Princeton Theological Seminary and a PhD from Drew University. Dr. Flores is married to Rev. Thelma Herrera Flores, a United Methodist Deacon.

Praise for Profetas

One key component of the book is the ability to recognize not only the contexts for relevant prophetic ministries but the will of translating the Biblical theological concepts into contemporary spiritual, social, and political realities. ¡Enhorabuena!

Dr. Samuel Pagan, dean, Jerusalem Center for Biblical Studies

I am pleased to recommend this book to Christian leaders wanting to understand more about the role of Hispanic evangelical leaders in America today. This work fills a gap in contemporary writing and gives new insight into this important segment of the fastest-growing population in our country.

Carlos Campo, PhD, president, Ashland University and Theological Seminary

Speaking from the diverse Christian Community, the voices and testimony found in this work unite to proclaim a powerful message of prophetic witness in various settings, including the border, urban barrios, rural settings, and within government, and political contexts. This work is a highly useful resource for teaching and study.

Dr. David Maldonado, former president of Iliff Seminary

The writers are outstanding and genuine leaders in the Latino community of the diaspora, who are writing from their own experience and from their souls. This is the kind of book that blesses seminaries and institutes, but most importantly, the life of the Church.

Bishop Benjamin Feliz, DMin, general presbyter, Church of God of Prophecy

In these difficult days, when the American church too often mirrors the dysfunction and polarization of the wider culture, there is much to learn from the prophetic witness of the Hispanic church. This book is a gift for our time.

– Jeffrey Munroe, editor, The Reformed Journal; author, Reading Buechner; former executive vice president, Western Theological Seminary

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