Introduction to Christian Faith: A Deeper Way of Seeing

by Neal F. Fisher
Introduction to Christian Faith: A Deeper Way of Seeing
ISBN: 9780938162438

God is when everything else is not. What shall we do if God is not our friend?

Looking for God is intensely personal and yielding to God is often surprising. Fisher says, “Confronting the genuine joys we experience and the agony and sorrows we endure, we reach out to connect our lives with a source of meaning, an object of devotion that will anchor our lives in something more lasting than ourselves.” The Good News is that God is there for us even before we seek God, because God loves us. We respond by seeing what God offers, because in so doing, we will have a deeper understanding of what is real, what true, and what matters.

“This book is ideal for introducing Christian believing to inquirers. It provides some wonderful insights and arguments for those of us who attempt to articulate the faith to new generations of disciples.”

—Will Willimon, Professor of the Practice of Christian Ministry, Duke Divinity School and United Methodist bishop, retired

“This book ventures into the key intersection of new paradigms in science and theology. It is right on point to where many of my congregation live. It will help to provoke critical conversations in the effort of both faith and science to seek understanding. Fisher offers a wonderful opportunity with this work!”

—Mark A. Fowler, Lead Pastor, First United Methodist Church, Madison, WI; Affiliate Faculty, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

“Everyone has faith in something—it’s what guides our practices. Fisher makes the case that the preponderance of evidence advocates for our faith to be in the God of love who created and sustains the universe and is seen in Jesus Christ.”

—Kevin D. Newburg, Assistant Professor of the History of Christianity, The Theological School, Drew University

 “This book is a most welcome introduction to the faith by which Christians live. Fisher shows what faith means in a time when science is often taken to pose a threat to faith. He explains we do not have to face a choice between fact and faith when we understand that faith expresses our devotion to what is lasting.”

—Sarah Heaner Lancaster, Werner Professor of Theology, Methodist Theological School in Ohio

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Neal F. Fisher is Senior Scholar in Theology and President Emeritus of Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary.  An elder in The United Methodist Church, he has served as Associate Dean at Boston University School of Theology. A prolific author, his book The Parables of Jesus: Glimpses of God’s Reign is used in churches nationwide. Dr. Fisher is also a popular preacher and speaker.