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Breaking Through the Stained Glass Ceiling: Women Pastoring Large Churches

by HiRho Y. Part and Susan Willhauch



ISBN: 9780938162643




ISBN: 9780938162643


Can women successfully pastor churches of 1,000 or more? How can they possibly take care of their large, diverse flocks – and themselves? How can they balance their work/ministry with their home and family life? How do they motivate their team members and manage the occasional conflict that arises amid staffs and congregations of such size and diversity? And above all, in the midst of their call to keep their membership in love with Christ, how can they keep their own spiritual relationships fresh and vital? In Breaking Through the Stained Glass Ceiling, seasoned and anointed women pastors answer these questions and many others. In addition to a foreword by world- renowned feminist theologian Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza, chapters include: “Leadership Styles”; “Work and Family”; “The Art of Conflict Management”; and much more. Woman of God, if Spirit-led ministry is what you desire, then this book is for you. 

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