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GBHEM Announces Decision to Sunset EM360

February 9, 2023

The General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM) will sunset EM360 from its offered services in the coming months. Evolving strategic priorities and declining financial resources of the United Methodist Church have led GBHEM to consider other ways the agency can focus on initiatives that share a closer alignment and reflection of the values of the worldwide United Methodist Church. 

“We have designed a well-built platform, significant research, and an outstanding relationship with EM360’s online hosting platform, Explorance,” remarked Rev. Greg Bergquist, General Secretary of GBHEM. “EM360 has been a meaningful tool to help pastors develop in ministry and we feel confident that through the use of this clergy development tool, we have made the church and its leaders more effective in ministry.”  

GBHEM has begun conducting outreach and engaging in conversation with various organizations and agencies that the discontinuation will affect. The agency has devoted itself to providing a multitude of resources about the sunsetting process and what to expect in the coming months. The Data Governance team at GBHEM will work with Explorance to be sure that all data is properly preserved, protected, and kept from transfer to any other entities. 

To receive updates and answers to common questions please visit EM360.  

All inquiries should be sent to An official end date will be announced soon.  

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