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The All-New EM360

A system for enhancing the effectiveness of individual and collective leadership within the UMC

EM360 is a strengths-focused growth program built upon industry-leading technologies designed to uncover new ways to lead your church, engage with your community, and ultimately, better serve your ministry and mission. To make Disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world, we must first begin with you.

The only official 360° feedback and leadership formation tool endorsed by the UMC

Clarity For a Complex Role

Efficient functioning for any organization is difficult. Local church pastors operate in dynamic environments, performing activities and duties for pastoral leadership requiring a wide range of skills and capabilities. From administrative tasks to caregiving, from evangelism and fellowship to team building and training, you are called to lead in new and diverse ways.

Effective pastors cast a vision then mobilize and empower people to work toward it. They have a keen understanding of their strengths and blind spots. EM360 magnifies the dimensions of leadership and identifies a leader’s unique strengths and challenge areas. By embarking on this journey, you will discover how to enhance your individual leadership and better guide your church to achieve its mission and ministry goals.


New Enhanced Features

  • More user-friendly design for mobile and desktop.
  • Aggregate reporting capabilities and upgraded dashboard at the District and Conference levels.
  • Streamlined administrative functions for a more elegant and intuitive experience.
  • Redesigned report generator for deeper understanding and overall clarity of the results and data.
After completing EM360, you will gain a more complete understanding of your leadership strengths, opportunities to grow, and challenge areas so you can better serve and equip others within your congregation.

How it works

1. Gather Insights

You and those in your ministry who know you best provide meaningful feedback across a wide variety of skills and abilities.

2. Review Feedback

Finishing the assessment is just the beginning of your journey. Dimensions of leadership are spotlighted and comments are gathered to identify your unique strengths, blind spots, hidden strengths and aligned growth opportunities.

3. Create Development Plan

With a deeper understanding of your feedback, you are empowered to enter the self-reflection stage and actively plan the next chapter of your growth as a successful clergyperson. Collaborate with your local church leaders and District Superintendent to develop and implement a plan for growing your ministry using the insights you have gleaned from the EM360 process.

Informed By Research

A ministry-focused, research-based program, EM360 provides compelling data that drives performance and engagement for leaders in the church.

This comprehensive research into clergy leader effectiveness, led by Richard P. DeShon, Ph.D. and sponsored by GBHEM, identified the dimensions and personal attributes for clergy effectiveness and revealed the knowledge, skills, abilities and personal characteristics (KSAPs) that elevate ministry and mission in the pastoral setting.

EM360’s validated instrument equips spiritual leaders in their formation as transformative change makers who are inspired, connected, agile and rooted to meet the mission and ministry goals of the UMC and lead the church into an evolving future.

EM360 presents leadership the opportunity to demonstrate the best of who we are; and uniquely reveals where growth and collaboration can further the mission.

– Janet Jones

Innovation Officer, GBHEM

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