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The Quotable Mr. Wesley, Updated Edition

by W. Stephen Gunter, Editor



ISBN: 9781945935787




ISBN: 9781945935787


Inspiring words from John Wesley, the founder of Methodism

Published in cooperation of The Foundation for Evangelism, “The Quotable Mr. Wesley, Updated Edition” is a treasure trove of wisdom taken from John Wesley’s journals, notes, letters, and sermons on topics as: Communion, evangelism, grace, perfection, plain truth, prayer, riches, stewardship, tolerance, Trinity, world, and many others.

This updated edition makes a thoughtful gift and is an essential resource for teachers, leaders, pastors, and Christians interested in this remarkable founder of the Methodist movement. Useful for sermon preparation, teaching, and individual reflection, this book is designed to supplement the library of anyone interested in Wesley and his work.

W. Stephen Gunter, PhD is Professor Emeritus, Duke Divinity School, Director of Professorships, The Foundation for Evangelism. Author of many books, Dr. Gunter is formerly Associate Dean for Methodist Studies; Director, Global Exchanges; and Research Professor of Evangelism and Wesleyan Studies at The Divinity School, Duke University.

Wesley’s Foundery Books is an imprint of the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry of The United Methodist Church. These books are clearly and accessibly written, with an emphasis on church life and ministry. Representing the rich diversity of the church, Wesley’s Foundery Books offer a disciplined and balanced approach and are available in the U.S. and U.K. GHBEM Publishing is an affiliate member of the Association of University Presses.

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