The Awakened Life: An 8-week Guide to Student Well-Being

by Sarah E. Bollinger & Angela R. Olsen
The Awakened Life: An 8-week Guide to Student Well-Being
ISBN: 9781945935497
ISBN: 9781945935497

Find peace, balance, focus, and well-being in the midst of everyday pressures of college life.

An 8-week, small group curriculum designed to teach psychosocial skills and help students build resiliency and foster mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being using mindfulness techniques.

Based on current research, The Awakened Life will equip chaplains, college ministers, and spiritual leaders to help students be more present and navigate emotional disturbance with equanimity by incorporating these mindful practices into their daily lives. Research demonstrates that mindfulness practices contribute to improved mood, concentration, and relationships; and with its rich contemplative history, religious faith has much to add to the conversation.

Using up-to-date research, this book offers age-appropriate mindfulness practices. It gives chaplains, college ministers, and spiritual leaders tools to help students navigate the pressures of college living, and it offers students concrete practices to address typical anxieties and pressures related to college life.

Praise for The Awakened Lifefrom pilot groups across the country

“The group conversation and journaling prompts were amazing.” . . .

“The poetry and guided meditation were huge successes!” . . .

“Students [have] become more aware of themselves and their surroundings.” . . .

“An impressive piece of work. . . . The complete curriculum will be a valuable resource over a wide diversity of campus ministries.”

Angela R. Olsen, MDiv, is an ordained elder in The United Methodist Church and Associate Pastor of Connections, Community United Methodist Church, Columbia, Missouri.