Praying with the Wesleys: Foundations of Methodist Spirituality

by John R. Tyson
Praying with the Wesleys: Foundations of Methodist Spirituality
ISBN: 9781945935541
ISBN: 9781945935541

Prayerful living results in a grace-filled life.

Prayer is a way we communicate with God and grow into a deeper relationship with God. In prayer, at our “listening post,” God speaks with us. In our Methodist tradition, we believe, as did the Wesleys, that prayer is one of the five means of grace. Richly illustrated with prayers, hymns, and reflective writings from John, Charles, and Susanna Wesley, this book looks at the roots, impact, and trajectories of early Methodist spirituality, in hopes that this exploration will help us chart a new course for the “people called Methodist” as we sail the rough seas of our time.

Given the importance of prayer for discipleship and leadership, it behooves us to regularly pray with discipline and intentional methods. In this book, we will examine how John Charles, and Susanna Wesley prayed, what theological and practical concerns motivated them in their own prayer and Christian pilgrimage, and how we too can become more faithful witnesses for Christ.

Author Information

John R. Tyson, PhD is Professor of Church History/Director of United Methodist Church Studies, Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School, Rochester, New York.

Praise for Praying with the Wesleys

“Have you ever wondered why Methodists were called Method-ists? John Tyson unpacks a compelling answer, one showing us how past Wesleyan prayer and piety can provide a vision for spiritual renewal today. Come, drink deeply, and be formed by prayer with both a classic pedigree and contemporary passion.”
Lester Ruth, Research Professor of Christian Worship, Duke Divinity School

“Rarely are substantive scholarship, spiritual insight, and passionate prayer so artfully combined; however, that is what John Tyson has for us in this volume. His expansive knowledge of the Wesley family, his own love for God, and his deep insight into Wesleyan spirituality find expression in these chapters. The book will guide the reader, through poetry and prose, to pray with Susannah Wesley and her two youngest sons, John and Charles. This book will not disappoint anyone with a desire to experience Praying with the Wesleys.”
Tom Albin, Director of Spiritual Formation and Congregational Life, The Upper Room Ministries, Nashville, TN

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