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Light, Freedom, Truth, Be Ever These Our Own

by Horace Henry



ISBN: 9781945935893




ISBN: 9781945935893


Gammon Theological Seminary, 1883-2020

Gammon Theological Seminary graduates embody a proud tradition and lifelong desire for independent thinking, continued intellectual growth, spiritual development, and acquisition of skill for the practice of ministry. This is their story.

Gammon Theological Seminary, located in Atlanta, Georgia, is the United Methodist constituent member of the Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC), a consortium of historically African American theological schools. Gammon/ITC is a co-educational, professional graduate school of theology. Its faculty personifies vigorous scholarship, rigorous academic discipline, and significant research in the service of the church and other communities in the world. Gammon/ITC is the world’s premier resource for black church scholarship and faith-based solutions to the spiritual and socio-economic challenges confronting the African American community.

This pictorial history tells the story of Gammon Theological Seminary from 1883 to 2020.

Horace Henry is a professional photographer. A native of Palmetto, Georgia, Horace is a college-trained musician and worked at his alma mater, Clark College, after graduating. Also, while working at Clark and before pursuing a career in mortgage banking, it was Horace’s pleasure to enjoy over fifteen years of being on the road as a professional musician, sharing the stage with Marvin Gaye, the Temptations, and the Isley Brothers. Through it all, he could not shake off the insatiable desire to be a photographer. In 1996, he dropped out of corporate America altogether and became self-employed as a photographer. With his contributions as a photojournalist and still photographer, Horace has been enjoying the pursuit of his passion ever since. Find him at

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