Climate Hero Handbook

by Jennifer Manley Rogers and Jessica Gamaché
Climate Hero Handbook
ISBN: 9781953052124

An interactive, full-color illustrated book designed for children ages 9 to 13

Fostering wonder and respect for the planet and all interconnected living things, this book shows children how to engage in nature and play a vital role in caring for the earth. Young people across the globe have taken courageous actions to step up, lead, and combat climate crisis; this book encourages and equips new ranks of Climate Heroes to tune in to the earth and respond to this call.

Engaging by design and packed with activities that are suitable for kids, families, and classrooms, this book inspires thought, discussion, and positive action in regard to experiencing nature and protecting the planet. Young readers will appreciate the many mental, physical, and emotional benefits gained from their growing awareness of their world. This book offers a much-needed reparative space to work through feelings of deep concern about the environment and to respond in positive ways with concrete acts, community engagement, and advocacy.

Jennifer Manley Rogers spent her childhood climbing trees, rambling across fields, and collecting shells in the Carolinas. Her first in-house staff editorial position was at a university press as a college student. In addition to teaching and mentoring children in several Latin American schools and churches, Jennifer has helped over 500 authors edit their books. She now owns and operates Catchphrase Publishing Services.

Jessica Gamaché is an advocate for Creation Care and environmental awareness. She began her career as an environmental educator at a Lutheran church camp. Now serving as the Executive Director of a nonprofit, Jessica brings resources and education to United Methodist camping leaders across the country. She believes that being immersed in the outdoors through a camp experience brings all people closer to God and one another. Sophie Anne Elliott is an artist who lives with animals and grows vegetables on the western coast of the United States. From a young age her love of drawing mythical creatures grew into a whimsical naturalist style.

Praise for Climate Hero Handbook

What a nifty book!  I was hooked from the beginning suggestion that one simply observe the natural world a little. Young humans have a huge role to play in making this planet work, and it’s a job that can be done with joy and pleasure!

Bill McKibben, educator, environmentalist, and journalist; leader of the climate campaign group; best-selling author of We Are Better Together

This handbook is a masterful blend of awe-inspiring natural science, stunning artistry, and engaging activities to stir the indomitable, nature-loving spirit that resides in every single child. On the journey to becoming a Climate Hero, children are guided through quiet observation, careful contemplation, introspective meditation, and inspired action. These essential skills are transformative and crucial to building a more empathetic, harmonious, purposeful, and visionary future for the whole planet.

Dr. Heather Rally Webb, professor, Vermont Law School, and Oceanic Preservation Society veterinarian, as seen in the Oscar-nominated documentary Racing Extinction

Wow! What a fantastic resource to help children feel more connected to the environment and understand human impact. These stories and examples of achievable actions will inspire many to transform into Climate Heroes.

Dawn Brut, naturalist and curator of education, Coastal Discovery Museum, Hilton Head, South Carolina

Expertly crafted to engage, this handbook guides children as well as their teachers, counselors, and guardians in caring for the planet, whether they be veteran ecologists or ones freshly taking up this crucial challenge of our time. Hope sparkles from every page.

Rev. Gilson Waldkoenig, PhD, professor, United Lutheran Seminary, and author of numerous books and articles, including publications in Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature, and Culture

The interactive and hands-on approach found in this book is proven as one of the best ways for students to learn. Increased awareness and appreciation lead to caring and responsible decision making. This is a great resource for middle schoolers interested in advocating for the earth.

Mir Youngquist-Thurow, director, Agapé Center for Environmental Education

[Climate change] and the degradation of the earth are placing the well-being of our children and youth at terrible risk. This much-needed, beautiful book, packed with science-based information, inspiring stories, contemplative practices, and restorative activities, equips young people to take faithful action for the sake of creation.Rev. Dr. Timothy Reinhold Eberhart, associate professor of ecological theology and practice and director of the Center for Ecological Regeneration, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

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