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Black College Fund Summer Series: The Promise of ‘Unbothered’ Faith

July 3, 2019

By Jessica Love

Langston Carter-Price

Dillard University sophomore Langston Carter-Price struggled to manage classes and engage in extracurricular activities while working twenty hours a week. His renewed faith, however, led him to the Black College Fund. 

“Financially, I was struggling…I was ready to quit,” he said.

That is when Rev. Earnest Salsberry, Dillard University chaplain and mentor, told Carter-Price the story of the Hebrew boys from chapter three in the Book of Daniel. Rev. Salsberry explained that because of their “unbothered faith” they were able to walk through the fire.  

In that moment, Carter-Price made a choice to abandon his worries and walk by faith. Shortly after, he was presented with the opportunity to become a Lina H. McCord Ambassador for the Black College Fund. 

“He (Rev. Salsberry) emailed the entire school and asked, ‘Is there anyone United Methodist affiliated? I have an internship opportunity for you.’” Carter-Price knew immediately it was the blessing he had been waiting for.

Like the Hebrew boys, Carter-Price said he was so unbothered that he did not realize he was going to get another scholarship. “I remained faithful to God’s promise and my studies, and refused to give up,” he said. 

The Black College Fund provided the financial blessing! “It was something I needed,” Carter-Price said. “Because of the Black College Fund, I now have the confidence to take on my dream.”

Education is everything to the aspiring entrepreneur. “It’s one thing that people can’t take away from me,” he added. Early on, his parents instilled in him the importance of an education in achieving his dream of becoming an athletic trainer. With the support of the Black College Fund, Carter-Price said his parents’ sacrifices are not in vain.

More importantly, he is one step closer to realizing his dream because of his willingness to trust God, proof that all you truly need is faith the size of a mustard seed (Matthew 17:20).

Stay tuned for more student profiles in GBHEM’s six-part series on the Black College Fund’s Lina H. McCord interns.

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