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2015 CCTEF Grants

Commission on Central Conference Theological Education 2015 Grants

Central ConferenceProject TitleOn Behalf of:Award Amount
Executive Committee-Congo Central ConferenceAcademic Writers’ WorkshopAAUMTI – Anglophone Group $10,000 
Executive Committee-Congo Central ConferenceClinical Pastoral Education (CPE)Africa University, Faculty of Theology$40,000
Executive Committee-ECC-Central and Southern Europe Central ConferenceMethodist e-Academy Global Digital Theological Library ProjectMethodist e-Academy$20,000
Executive Committee-ECC-Central and Southern Europe Central ConferenceEndowment Fund for Theological Education in Central ConferencesBoard of Directors EndowF-TECC$125,100
Africa Central ConferenceONLINE LIBRARY RESOURCES WITH E-READERS: CONTEXTUAL THEOLOGICAL EDUCATION IN AFRICAAfrican Association of United Methodist-related Theological Institutions (AAUMTI). $50,000
Africa Central ConferenceTheological Distance Learning ProgramConference Superintendent Rev. Nkhata $10,400 
Africa Central ConferenceSol Africa E-Reader and E-PublishingBishop Nhanala $25,000 
Africa Central ConferenceTHEOLOGICAL EDUCATION & LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMSUnited Theological College $20,000 
Africa Central ConferenceO Mundo é a Minha ParoquiaInstituto Medio de Teologia Bispo Emílio de Carvalho $32,500 
Africa-Conferência Central de África Alcides Martins $21,600 
Africa-Conferência Central de África Junta do Ministério Ordenado $18,300 
Africa-Conferência Central de África Departamento de educacao da conferencia anual de Mocambique $25,000 
Africa-Conferência Central de África Faculdade de Teologia do Quessua, Angola do Leste $21,600 
Congo Central ConferenceICT MaterialKabongo Methodist University $20,000 
Congo Central ConferenceUMC North Katanga Ordained Ministry on-going trainingBishop Ntambo Nkulu Ndanda $6,000 
Congo Central ConferenceTheological Education Fund Grant Application: Kamina Methodist University, Project#:50Bishop Ntambo Nkulu Ndanda $10,000 
Congo Central ConferenceWesley College Electronic LibraryDepartment of Theology, Wesley College, Tanzania Provisional Annual Conference $6,000 
Congo Central ConferenceSwahili Course of StudyBoard of Ordained Ministry of the Tanzanian Provisional Annual Conference $4,875 
Congo Central ConferenceRehabilitation et modernization de la Bibliotheque de la Faculte de Theologie Methodiste et des Sciences Religieuses de Wembo-Nyama.Faculte de Theologie Methodiste et des Sciences Religieuses de Wembo-Nyama $6,875 
Congo Central ConferenceSCHOLARSHIPS AND FACULTY DEVELOPMENTThe Wembo-Nyama Methodist Faculty of Theology, Theological Institution $20,000 
Congo Central ConferenceTraining Student Pastor’s wivesThe Wembo-Nyama Methodist Faculty of Theology, Theological Institution $15,000 
Congo Central ConferenceFaculty DevelopmentThe Wembo-Nyama Methodist Faculty of Theology     $5,000 
Congo-Conférence centrale du CongoUniversite Methodiste de Musumba $4,375 
Congo-Conférence centrale du Congo Bishop GABRIEL UNDA YEMBA $10,000 
Congo-Conférence centrale du CongoRévérend KIBUSHI NGANDU $7,175 
Congo-Conférence centrale du Congo Faculté de Théologie – Université Méthodiste au Katanga $20,000 
Congo-Conférence centrale du Congo Kasongo Mwindamb; Doyen $15,000 
Congo-Conférence centrale du Congo Université Méthodiste de Kindu $20,000 
Congo-Conférence centrale du Congo Université Méthodiste de Kindu $9,700 
ECC-Central and Southern Europe Central ConferenceEducation program for candidates of lay preachers and local pastorsCzech/Slovak AC – Board of Ordained Ministry $4,350 
ECC-Central and Southern Europe Central ConferenceScholarships for students in theologyBoard of Ordained Ministry $3,645 
ECC-Central and Southern Europe Central ConferenceROMANIABoard of Ordained Ministry $5,100 
ECC-Central and Southern Europe Central ConferenceEducational and training programmes in the UMC in HungaryThe United Methodist Church in Hungary $6,355 
ECC-Conférence centrale du Centre et du Sud de l’Europe Commission des ministères $5,550 
ECC-Germany Central ConferenceYouth Ministers EducationReutlingen School of Theology $20,000 
ECC-Northern Europe and Eurasia Central ConferenceOnline Class DevelopmentBaltic Methodist Theological Seminary $7,000 
ECC-Northern Europe and Eurasia Central ConferencePrevenient Grace in Contemporary Methodist TheologyThe United Methodist Seminary in Norway $3,500 
ECC-Northern Europe and Eurasia Central ConferenceTranslation ProjectBaltic Methodist Theological Seminary $12,000 
ECC-Northern Europe and Eurasia Central ConferenceMission Resource CenterBaltic Methodist Theological Seminary $2,500 
ECC-Northern Europe and Eurasia Central ConferenceEurasia UMC Academy for Spiritual Formation  $9,000 
ECC-Northern Europe and Eurasia Central ConferenceBOM-training, 2016  $4,300 
ECC-Northern Europe and Eurasia Central ConferenceLegal and Administrative Preparation for State Educational License InspectionSergei Nikolaev $5,400 
ECC-Northern Europe and Eurasia Central ConferenceStrategic Planning SeminarSergei Nikolaev $2,000 
ECC-Northern Europe and Eurasia Central ConferenceDevelopment work with Regional CentersSergei Nikolaev $4,300 
Philippines Central ConferenceBAGUIO EPISCOPAL AREA SCHOLARSHIP TRUST FUND FOR BEA THEOLOGICAL INSTITUTIONS (Ecumenical Christian College, Asbury College, Aldersgate College, Eveland Christian College, and John Wesley College)Ecumenical Christian College, Asbury College, Aldersgate College, Eveland Christian College, and John Wesley College $9,000 
Philippines Central Conference2016 Financial Assistance to Baguio Episcopal Area Theological Students (Scholarships for Eight (8) Annual Conferences)BEA Boards of Ordained Ministry (CLPAC, NCPAC, NELPAC, NEPAC, NPAC, NWPAC, PPAC, TARPAC) $8,000 
Philippines Central ConferenceMEA Continuing Education ProgramBoard of Ordained Msnistry $25,000 
Philippines Central ConferenceCourse of Study for Baguio Episcopal Area Annual Conferences8 Annual Conferences of the Baguio Episcopal Area $8,000 
Philippines Central Conference2016 Scholarships for Theological Students of Aldersgate College Divinity SchoolAldersgate College $3,000 
Philippines Central Conference2016 Scholarship for Theological Students of John Wesley College Divinity SchoolJohn Wesley College $3,000 
Philippines Central ConferencePCC University Senate Standards for Recognizing UMC Theological InstitutionsRev. Frank Vilog, Chairperson, PCC University Senate $3,000 
Philippines Central Conference2016 PCC Division of Ordained Ministry Continuing Education and Consultation for Manila Episcopal Area, Baguio Episcopal Area and Davao Episcopal Area PastorsPCC Division of Ordained Ministry $2,500 
Philippines Central ConferenceScholarships for Immersion Programs in Field Education of Wesley Divinity SchoolWesley Divinity School $6,150 
Philippines Central ConferenceMedia Ministry and Certificate Courses under CIKATS-Center for Indigenous Knowlwdge, Arts, Traditions and SpiritualtiesSouthern Philippines Methodist Colleges, Inc. $18,400 
Philippines Central ConferenceIntegrated ProjectBoard of Ordained Ministry $38,950 
West Africa Central ConferenceUnited Methodist University of Sierra LeoneConference Board of Ordained Ministry $30,000 
West Africa Central ConferenceGbarnga School of Theology Library FurnishingGbarnga School of Theology, United Methodist University $10,000 
West Africa Central ConferenceComputer Laboratory for Students and Faculty of the Gbarnga School of TheologyGbarnga School of Theology, United Methodist University $5,000 
West Africa Central ConferenceE-readers additional equipment and contentThe Board of ISTHA   $4,000 
West Africa Central ConferenceSolar energy for UMECI-ISTHA / Library and LaboratoryBoard of UMECI/ISTHA $34,000 
West Africa Central ConferenceTraining of Trainers of Lay Servants and Pastors TrainingThe Board of Ordained Ministry of Côte d’Ivoire Annual Conference $5,000 
West Africa Central ConferenceBook projectBanyam Theological Seminary $2,250 
West Africa Central ConferencePostgraduate doctoral programThe Board of UMECI $5,500 
West Africa Central ConferenceEquipment for Banyam Theological SeminaryBanyam Theological Seminary,bambur $23,000 
West Africa Central ConferenceEquipping Church Leaders for Effective MinistryThe Graduate School of Theology, United Methodist University $21,000 
West Africa Central ConferenceCampus Sola Electrification ProjectBanyam Theological Seminary,bambur $23,250 
West Africa Central ConferenceTheological Education (Rural Pastors Institute)Board of Ordained Ministry, Liberia Annual Conference, The United Methodist $10,000

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