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Lina H McCord Internship

About Dr. Lina H. McCord

Dr. Lina H. McCord was a former staff executive of the Black College Fund. A graduate of Morristown College and Tennessee State University, Dr. McCord was hired by Bishop James Thomas, as one of the first black employees hired at the United Methodist Board of Higher Education and Ministry. Dr. McCord began The Black College Fund intern program, now named the Dr. Lina H. McCord Summer Internship program in honor of 26 years of service to the Nashville agency. After a year of service, interns are named “Lina H. McCord Ambassadors.”

The Internship

The Lina H. McCord Summer Internship program welcomes students from our 11 United Methodist-related historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) to serve as summer interns. Sponsored by The Black College Fund, the program follows a model of communication and interaction that is a hallmark of the United Methodist Church’s earliest traditions. Throughout the year, ambassadors travel anywhere United Methodists meet, representing BCF, GBHEM and their UM related institution. After successfully completing one year as an intern, students have the opportunity to become ambassadors, a permanent designation, which allows continued travel and representation of the program.

“The Lina H. McCord Summer Internship program and its ambassadors are a shining example of the amazing work our institutions do every day.”

Dr. Cynthia Bond Hopson

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Previous Lina H. McCord Summer Internship program

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Philander Smith College

Markus McKinney

Rust College

Shani McMichael

Bennett College

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