Connexion Northeastern: A New Narrative — The Center for Restorative Justice

In a country where the justice system prioritizes punishment over rehabilitation, The Center for Restorative Justice at West Virginia Wesleyan College is working on crafting a new narrative. Students, faculty, and professionals alike have come together to flip the script surrounding vulnerable populations to view transgressions with empathy, humanity, and compassion.

The Center for Restorative Justice recently received two generous development grants to research the need for a Day Center, a potential game-changer that could provide invaluable services for unsheltered and food or housing-insecure people. This opportunity has grown out of West Virginia Wesleyan College’s Methodist roots and its commitment to change the way the world cares for those in greatest need.

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Viewing Humankind Through a Compassionate Lens

In the United States, the average recidivism rate is a staggering 68%, with all convicted individuals at risk of rearrest within the first three years of release. The Center for Restorative Justice is dedicated to breaking this cycle. Their work, focused on supporting vulnerable populations as they reintegrate into society, not only benefits the individual but also has a profound positive impact on society as a whole. 

The transformative efforts of The Center for Restorative Justice are inspired by the social holiness and commitment to social justice championed by John Wesley, reflecting a deep-rooted Methodist tradition of compassion and rehabilitation. After exiting the correctional system, The Center for Justice removes the all-too-frequent subhuman feeling by offering housing, food, emotional, and professional support. By simply recognizing their intrinsic humanity and reaffirming dignity, vulnerable persons are empowered to reimagine and realize a future with greater possibilities that may have otherwise manifested as a relapse into incarceration.

West Virginia Wesleyan College

With a namesake that reflects its rich Methodist history, West Virginia Wesleyan College sits in the heart of Buckhannon, West Virginia. Founded in 1890, WVWC is home to a thriving liberal arts student population that prepares local and out-of-state students both professionally and spiritually, as evidenced through programs like the West Virginia Restorative Justice Project.

The transformative initiatives at West Virginia Wesleyan College have garnered significant support. GBHEM, for instance, has been a steadfast partner, endorsing and participating in life-changing programs and services, ranging from the Appalachian Prison Book Project to Americans for Prosperity. This strong support is a testament to the impact and value of West Virginia Wesleyan College’s work and is a source of pride for the entire Methodist community.

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