Connexion Southeastern: Together for Change Initiative

Transforming education, lives and ultimately entire communities: that’s the power of the Together for Change Genomics Initiative at Meharry Medical College. GBHEM supports and advocates for schools like Meharry Medical College who embody the campus/community/church Connexion in exemplary ways. The Together for Change Initiative isn’t just another scientific exploration; it’s a step towards reducing healthcare inequality by closing the gap on historical inequities that have impacted Black communities since the development of modern medicine.

Watch the video and keep reading to learn more about the Together for Change Initiative.

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Currently, less than 2% of known genetic information stems from people of African ancestry. However, 25% of the global population is of African descent.

This divide is what drives the <25% accuracy rate when predicting disease risk for Black Americans.

This divide is what has left Black communities underrepresented in health awareness, disease prevention education, and treatment development.

It’s this divide that the team of educational scientists and STEM professionals leading Together for Change is committed to eliminating.

Meharry Medical College

Founded in 1876, Meharry Medical College was established to prepare the next generations of healthcare professionals and scientists. Located in Nashville, Tennessee, it was the first medical school in the South to admit African American students. At Meharry Medical College, it wasn’t just about education; it was about leveling the playing field and offering Black Americans the same opportunities that were traditionally afforded to white Americans.

Today, Meharry Medical College is a graduate and professional institution largely governed by the principles of The United Methodist Church. These guiding principles are exemplified in the initiatives and programs at Meharry Medical College that are focused on eradicating injustices and furthering equity in healthcare.

The General Board of Higher Education and Ministry

Our mission is bringing people together to discern, learn, and lead for the church and the academy.

As the leadership development agency of The United Methodist Church, the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM) is committed to supporting United Methodist students. Through various scholarship programs, GBHEM empowers students to achieve their academic goals and develop as leaders prepared to transform the world. Each year, GBHEM awards an average of $5.5 million in scholarships. 

GBHEM supports and advocates for United Methodist-related schools, colleges, universities, and theological schools.  The educational institutions connected to The United Methodist Church are among the finest in the world and contribute to the greater good of humanity and to the health and well-being of society. The vast expanse of Methodism’s educational footprint cannot be overstated.

 GBHEM also supports 11 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) related to The United Methodist Church. Through the Black College Fund, GBHEM helps maintain and enhance these vital institutions, ensuring diverse students have the opportunity to excel through higher education.

Additionally, GBHEM’s leadership and discernment programs guide young adults in clarifying their vocation and God’s call on their lives. Programs like the “Exploration” create transformative experiences that help young adults discover their path in life.

Through scholarships, institutional support, and leadership initiatives, GBHEM prepares global leaders for a global church and world, building the church of tomorrow, one student at a time.

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