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Effective Ministry 360

Leading in Ministry and Mission

Effective Ministry 360

Effective Ministry 360 (EM360) is a formation process to support clergy and those they serve in meeting annual conferences’ and local churches’ mission and ministry goals. Through the EM360, clergy and those they serve can identify areas of success and opportunity within their ministry setting. With EM360, clergy and those they serve can establish clear ministry goals and plan ways to successfully meet those goals today and in the future.

Learn how to launch EM360, explore the Getting Started Videos and find annual conferences using the process.

Benefits of EM360

From the bishop to the local congregation, EM360 impacts the work of everyone in your annual conference. EM360 helps clergy and those they serve to identify the areas of effectiveness in ministry and guides clergy and those they serve in establishing a formation plan to ensure ministry and mission goals are met. Bishops and district superintendents receive a comprehensive view of the ministry goals within a specific area or across the entire annual conference. EM360 keeps everyone in tune with what the ministry goals are and if the goals are accomplished

An online program, EM360 provides users with an easily accessible resource to not only measure ministry goals and effectiveness but identify unique opportunities for growth. Supported and powered by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM), EM360 can help you move your ministry forward, meeting the specific needs of your ministry setting.

Proven Results

For more than 10 years, GBHEM has engaged in research to identify the components of effective ministry. Through this research and field testing, GBHEM has developed a tool to help churches identify and recognize pastoral and ministry effectiveness. The 360-degree survey is a vital part of the planning and goal-setting process for clergy, congregations, district superintendent and bishops.

Through job analyses, focus groups, and surveys, GBHEM identified 12 dimensions of effective ministry and 46 personal attributes in the areas of abilities, personal characteristics, knowledge and skills that contribute to equipping the clergy for effectiveness in ministry.

Dimensions of Effective Ministry (PDF)
Attributes of Effective Ministry (PDF)


Process for EM360

All participants, the clergy, staff/pastor-parish relations committee members, district superintendent, and the clergy person’s peer group, respond to questions about the clergy person’s work and the attributes that the clergy person exhibits. The clergy person receives a report that highlights scores from each respondent group. The clergy person and those they serve then work through a guide to help interpret the report and develop a formation plan for future ministry, establishing steps to meet their ministry goals. The district superintendent and bishop have access to a dashboard that shows results from all participating clergy person’s in the district or conference.

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