Deacons and Diaconal Ministers

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Deacons are ordained United Methodist clergy who lead the church in relating Christians to their ministries in the world through worship leadership, preaching, teaching, nurturing spiritual vitality and leading ministries of service, love, and justice. They may work primarily in congregations or they may work primarily in settings like hospitals, social-service agencies, mission agencies, schools, counseling centers, denominational agencies, and more. Learn more about how deacons serve and lead.

Diaconal ministers are United Methodist laypeople who lead in service ministries. The United Methodist Church no longer consecrates new diaconal ministers. However, many diaconal ministers are still in active service. If you are a diaconal minister, visit this section of the Board of Ordained Ministry Handbook for information on how you relate to the annual conference.

If you feel called by God to be a layperson in a ministry of love and justice, check out the office of home missioners & deaconesses.

Deacon Dialogue 2017: Deacons as emissaries, sent to be good news

Deacon Dialogue 2017: Deacons as Emissaries, Sent by the Spirit

June 28, Loyola University Lakefront Campus, Chicago
Join United Methodist deacons at this afternoon event on the eve of World DIAKONIA Assembly. You’ll meet other deacons, learn about each other’s ministries, and receive both encouragement and challenge for your ministry. Dr. Ben Hartley, a United Methodist deacon, will lead us in an exploration of the emerging interpretation of the Greek word diakonos. While we think of it as meaning “servant,” research suggests that “emissary” or “spokesperson” are primary aspects of its definition. We’ll explore how these meanings may shape the imaginations as well as the ministries of today’s deacons. Learn more and register here.

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