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Global Chaplaincy Program

The Global Chaplaincy Program is an educational program designed to support an expressed need from Central Conferences for contextual chaplaincy leadership training. The program emphasizes collaboration among the curriculum designers, teachers/facilitators, leadership of annual conferences and participants/chaplains. It is an integration of theory, theology, ministry practice and life.  

The main faculty members are staff from GBHEM:  

  • Rev. Mitch Lewis, director of United Methodist Endorsing Agency, brings an extensive experience as a chaplain from global settings and expert knowledge of endorsement.
  • Rev. Dr. Soomee Kim, director of the Center for Integrative Pastoral Practice, is a certified educator of clinical pastoral education (ACPE Inc.) with ministry experiences in local churches, academia and chaplaincy.

Available Training

GBHEM currently offers a Basics in Chaplaincy course as its primary Global Chaplaincy training module. Basics in Chaplaincy is a three-day program combining presentations from faculty members, practice of theories by participants through role playing and case application evaluations. Participants bring local case studies, and instructors incorporate them into the curriculum to contextualize it for the local setting.

The topics for this module include:

  • Learning from Jesus:  Biblical Foundations for Pastoral Care.
  • Historic Basis of Chaplaincy.
  • Phases of the Helping Process.
  • Ethics for Chaplaincy.
  • Social vs. Pastoral Conversations.
  • Self-Awareness and Self-Assessment.
  • Theories of Human Development.
  • Crisis Intervention.
  • How to Speak the Truth in Love: Biblical Models of Confrontation.
  • The Call of Chaplaincy.

For more information or to request Global Chaplaincy training in your area, please contact the Rev. Dr. Soomee Kim at

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