Mission: Duke Divinity School’s mission is to engage in spiritually disciplined and academically rigorous education in service and witness to the Triune God in the midst of the church, the academy, and the world. The school strives to cultivate a vibrant community through theological education on Scripture, engagement with the living Christian tradition, and attention to and reflection on contemporary contexts in order to form leaders for faithful Christian ministries.

As the spiritual center of a great research university, Duke Divinity School is the embodiment of Duke University’s motto: Eruditio et Religio—Knowledge and Faith. Founded in 1926 as the first of the university’s graduate professional schools, the Divinity School attracts students from across the nation and around the world. One of 13 seminaries founded and supported by the United Methodist Church, the school has from its beginnings been ecumenical in aspiration, teaching, and practice. With many diverse theological perspectives represented here, students find common ground through immersion in Scripture and the church’s tradition for addressing the challenges of faith in contemporary contexts.

Most Duke Divinity students finance their education through a variety of sources including personal savings, family contributions, church contributions, denominational support, scholarships, grants, student loans, and part-time employment. In addition to traditional forms of financial aid, financial support at Duke Divinity School includes field education funding for residential M.Div. students, which can result in as much as $24,000 in financial support throughout the course of the residential M.Div. program.

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