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Steps Into Ministry as a Local Pastor

If you believe God is calling you to the ministry of local pastor:

  • Spend time in prayer and discernment, listening for God’s call in your life.
  • Talk with your pastor, and read The Christian as Minister.
  • Meet with your church’s staff/parish relations committee and talk with your district superintendent.
  • Complete the candidacy process to become certified as a candidate for ministry.
  • Meet with your district committee on ordained ministry to obtain their recommendation for further studies.
  • Complete the studies for the local pastor, including the annual conference’s licensing school and the Course of Study offered through various seminaries.
  • Be approved by the annual conference board of ordained ministry.
  • Provide the annual conference with a satisfactory certificate of good health and other evaluations as required by the annual conference.
  • Be approved by the clergy session of annual conference.
  • Be licensed and receive an appointment from the bishop.

Need More Information?

Connect with us via email or phone for any questions or concerns you might have. A full listing of staff is also available.