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Racial-Ethnic Clergywomen

The United Methodist Racial-Ethnic Clergywomen’s Alliance (RECA) was formed in January 2008 as a result of the historic gathering of United Methodist Racial-Ethnic Clergywomen’s Consultation. Today, seven UMC clergywomen’s associations have evolved from that initial gathering: African, Asian American/Pacific Islanders, Black, Native American, Hispanic/Latina, Korean American and Philippines.

RECA Covenant

As UM racial-ethnic clergywomen, we celebrate our beauty and diversity. We gain strength from each other’s journeys and stories empowered by the love of Jesus Christ. We strive to make a way for all UM racial-ethnic clergy sisters to have a voice through this alliance.


UM racial ethnic clergywomen connected in mind and spirit to empower leadership, address the diversified needs and to advocate justice for all ethnic groups.


  • Share collaboratively our expertise in ministry in partnership with all racial-ethnic clergywomen associations.
  • Seek to advocate for each other to assure representation in all levels of the church.
  • Identify and develop racial-ethnic women as leaders and mentors.
  • Nurture younger generations.
  • Be the voice for all racial-ethnic women.
  • Being a bridge among racial-ethnic communities.
  • Share our stories.
  • Seek justice.

Racial-Ethnic Clergywomen’s Association Contacts

Asian-American and Pacific Islanders Clergywomen

Black United Methodist Clergywomen

Hispanic/Latina United Methodist Clergywomen

Native American United Methodist Clergywomen

United Methodist Association of Korean American Clergywomen

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