Why choose a UM school?

Students who attend a United Methodist college or university find more than just a world-class education. They find a community that nurtures their spirit, as well as their mind.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend a UM School:

  1. They have a strong commitment to diversity and opportunity. Methodists were among the first to advocate for greater educational opportunities for all people regardless of race, class or gender. UM schools carry on that tradition by embracing diversity and training young leaders of all backgrounds.
  2. They offer academic courses and cocurricular programs that help students explore faith and delve into questions of higher purpose and meaning.
  3. They foster a commitment to service. Students have opportunities to take an active role in improving the world around them and to become engaged citizens in their community.
  4. They are not only for United Methodists. UM schools welcome students of all religions and creeds, and encourage diversity of thought on campus.
  5. They have caring faculty and staff that are committed to helping each student find his or her calling in life.

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