Undergraduate Certification

Undergraduate students may study for specialized ministry certification through approved programs offered at the schools listed below. The core competencies are the same for professional certification and undergraduate.

Undergraduate certification requirements:

  • Completion of required courses at a school authorized to offer the certification program.
  • Two years of employment experience in the area of specialized ministry.
  • A minimum of two years of membership in The United Methodist Church.

Undergraduate Education Requirements

  • At least 15-18 semester hours (or equivalent quarter hours) in the specific area of concentration.
  • At least nine semester hours (or equivalent hours) in the area of certification that are rated at the junior level or above.
  • Curriculum that includes courses in biblical studies, church history and doctrine, theology, United Methodist studies, educational foundation for ministry, developmental approaches to and resources for teaching and learning, and supervised field experience.

To enroll in General Board of Higher Education and Ministry’s certification program, follow the process on the Professional Certification page.

Authorized Undergraduate Schools & Certification Programs

  • Huntingdon College
    Montgomery, Ala.
    Certification: Christian Education, Music Ministry, Youth Ministry
  • LaGrange College
    LaGrange, Ga.
    Certification: Christian Education, Youth Ministry, Music Ministry
  • Martin Methodist College
    Pulaski, Tenn.
    Certification: Christian Education, Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, eChristian Education Progam (paraprofessional)
  • Pfeiffer University
    Misenheimer, N.C.
    Certification: Christian Education, Church Ministry, Youth Ministry