For more than 125 years, Iliff has been at the forefront of theological education. It is recognized nationally and internationally for its emphasis on peace, justice, and ethics. Founded in 1892 by Colorado Seminary (now the University of Denver), and incorporated as an independent institution in 1903, Iliff has been on the forefront of graduate theological education. Related to the United Methodist Church, Iliff serves more than 30 denominations and faith traditions.

Iliff is a great place to question and learn about the issues that have faced the world. At Iliff, the school recognizes that dialogue is important, no matter how complicated or uncomfortable that may feel. Most importantly, though, an understanding that change starts with you and your leadership.

As one of the best theological schools in the nation, the school offers a diverse community in a beautiful Denver, Colorado setting that is supportive, challenging, progressive, and enriching for students.

To learn about Iliff, it helps to understand the values that guide the school’s decisions and community life. These values are an important part of what makes Iliff special. Leadership aspires to embody these ideals in everyday interactions as stated:

Academic Engagement
Authenticity, Empowerment, Engagement, Honor, Integrity

  • We are a learning community that engages the whole person through mind, body, and spirit.
  • We value scholarship and the integration of theory and experience.
  • We value our progressive theological heritage and how it finds expression in emerging forms of pedagogy and practice.
  • We are an incubator for innovation.

Intersectional Accountability
Action, Dignity, Diversity, Empowerment, Integrity, Respect

  • We value the differences in our community.
  • We align ourselves with social justice, equality, and wholeness.
  • We strive to take care of each other as we journey together.

Relational Respect
Openness, Dignity, Reconciliation, Respect, Transparency

  • We promote honesty and transparency and maintain healthy relationships when in tension.
  • We strive to involve all affected constituents in decision-making processes.

Dynamic Spirituality
Dignity, Respect, Spirituality

  • We value the creative and inspirational nature of our work: spiritual, intellectual, and vocational.
  • We celebrate theological discernment and spiritual depth.
  • Our core values arise out of our United Methodist heritage.


ADDRESS: 2323 E. Iliff Ave.
Denver, CO 80210

PHONE: 303-744-1287

Dr. Lee H. Butler

Phone: 303-765-3118

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