Honoring the tradition of Education and Scholarship

The North American Association of Methodist Schools, Colleges and Universities (NAAMSCU) is an association of educational institutions related to the historic Methodist and Wesleyan traditions. It exists to:

  • Advance the work of education and scholarship in member institutions.
  • Share best practices for educating students for leadership and service to the global community.
  • Foster and encourage the common good of member institutions.
  • Strengthen relationships among member executives.
  • Work collaboratively with United Methodist conferences, boards, and agencies to address issues of mutual concern to the church and the academy.


In 1940, the Association of Schools and Colleges of The Methodist Church was formed to better connect Methodist-affiliated institutions in the United States. Both the church and the academy recognized the value that could come from collegial engagement amongst educational leaders. In January 2020, the organization transitioned to the North American Association of Methodist Schools, Colleges and Universities (NAAMSCU). This change expanded the association’s geographic focus opening membership to Senate approved institutions and those schools, colleges, and universities with both Methodist and Wesleyan histories or connections.

NAAMSCU Membership

Schools, colleges, and universities in North America with Methodist or Wesleyan histories and connections are eligible to become members of NAAMSCU. Member institutions are represented by the chief executive officers, participate in annual meetings, initiatives, and programs, and submit annual dues in the spring.

NAAMSCU Directory of Schools

Find a United Methodist or Methodist-related school near you

NAAMSCU comprises 95 colleges and
universities, 13 seminaries, 11 historically
black institutions and several private
secondary schools.

Dr. Kina Mallard

Learn about the appointment of
Dr. Kina Mallard as the executive
director of NAAMSCU

NAAMSCU Meetings

Members meet to address higher education challenges and opportunities, and professional development programs.

CEO Directory for NAAMSCU Member Schools

This serves as a useful informational resource of the educational network established by pioneering Methodists.