Dillard University

Dillard University, founded 1869, is a private, historically black, comprehensive undergraduate institution, having as its purpose the development of graduates who are broadly educated, culturally aware, concerned with improving the human condition, and able to meet the competitive demands of a global and technologically advanced society. To achieve this purpose, the university strives to create and maintain an academic climate that is conducive to the pursuit of scholarship through programs of excellence anchored in the liberal arts.

Dillard University attracts the leaders, thinkers, and artists of tomorrow, and equips them with the tools they need to imagine and build a better world for everyone.

Our students do not acquire knowledge alone; they develop compassion and high ethical standards alongside it. They think critically, but they do not stop at thinking; they act to turn their dreams into reality. In doing the work they are called to do, they do not choose the easy path over the right path. Instead, their commitment to excellence and integrity makes their work resilient by inspiring others to join their cause.

Our motto, “Ex Fide, Fortis,” means “From Faith, Strength.” It is this faith that keeps our vision clear, our hearts full, and our actions confident and deliberate, as together we transform the world into the world that it should be.


Alice Davage Scholarship

Edith Allen Scholarship

Dr & Mrs M. S. Davage Memorial Scholarship

Dorothea H. and Raymond Dier Scholarship

Bishop John W. Hamilton Scholarship

Blanche M. Hubbard Scholarship

Kendall Undergraduate Scholars Program

WEBSITE: www.dillard.edu
ADDRESS: 2601 Gentilly Boulevard,
New Orleans Louisiana 70122
PHONE: 504.283.8822

Undergraduate Enrollment: 1,214*
Average Annual Cost: $19,105*

Dr. Rochelle L. Ford

Email: admissions@dillard.edu
Phone: 800.216.6637

Email: financialaid@dillard.edu
Phone: 504.816.4480

Rev. Herbert Brisbon, III