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Clinic Pastoral Education

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Center for Integrative Pastoral Practice

Clinical Pastoral Education
Our exclusive online program
providing Pastors the opportunity to
develop their skills from anywhere.

There is a sacred trust that allows pastors into the vulnerable moments of life. Precious few people are invited into struggles with addiction, medical diagnoses, tragedy or spiritual crises. As COVID isolates people and amplifies distress, Clinical Pastoral Education offers the most trusted and tried means to develop pastoral care practices that are skilled, self-aware, and refined. 

Through our years-long tested online format, you engage in group and individual supervision with an ACPE certified educator, for your own ministry context so that you can be the best pastor possible to the people in your care.

There are two things every congregation consistently asks of their pastor–can they preach and will they be there for me when I am in need? Congregations are eager to invest in the most reliable method to improve pastoral care quality and pastoral well-being.

– Rev. Dr. Soomee Kim, ACPE Certified Educator

In order to qualify, whether looking to develop their skills as a pastor in their own context or as someone pursuing CPE units for certification as a chaplain, prospective students must be engaged in at least 20 hours of pastoral care or congregational ministry per week. There is an application fee of $50 and tuition for the unit is $3500. 

100% of participants in the fall 2021 Clinical Pastoral Education cohorts said they would “recommend this CPE training to a friend or colleague in a role similar to yours.”

Reserved for Pastors, ministry candidates, and lay persons interested in providing pastoral care; candidates will be selected based on their preparedness to walk with people during the most difficult moments of their life.

We are currently accepting applications for several fall/winter CPE units starting in September and October, with admissions interviews scheduled for the first week of August.  The applications will be received until we fill all open groups.

This year we are reviving the hybrid units with in-person orientation retreat. Some units will remain completely virtual:

  • Multiple extended groups spanning five to six months with an in-person orientation retreat. The units are scheduled to end before Holy Week in 2024.
  • Intensive virtual group meeting for 13 weeks, meeting every Thursday or every other Saturday for 8 hours.
  • Special group for Korean speaking students, meeting on Saturdays (September 2023 through January 2024).

2024 Spring and Summer CPE units.

Saturday Group 2024 
March 2- September 7 (Extended Unit every other Saturday)

Thursday Group 2024
March 7-June 13 (Intensive Unit meeting whole day on Thursdays)

Thursday Group 2024
July 11-October 3  (Intensive Unit meeting whole day on Thursdays)

Program Highlights:

  • Complete CPE certification requirements in your ministry context, without the need to serve in a chaplaincy setting
  • We use the applicants’ ministry settings for their “clinical assignments” so that they don’t have to add extra 300 hours of ministry
  • Group and individual instruction conducted online; accessible for those residing far from traditional CPE centers
  • Accredited by the ACPE
    the highest standard for spiritual care and education
  • Fulfills CPE unit for certification as a chaplain or as required by your Annual Conference Board of Ordained Ministry.
  • All faculty members are ACPE Certified 

Now accepting applications for 2024

This interfaith program focuses on formation through self-awareness and empathy, granting capacity to engage and shepherd people with spiritual guidance during the most difficult times of their lives.

– Rev. Mike Baughman

Center for Integrative Pastoral Practice

The Center for Integrative Pastoral Practice (CIPP) extends opportunities for chaplaincy education by offering hybrid, community-based Clinical Pastoral Education. CIPP is fully accredited by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc. (ACPE) and offer Level I and Level II CPE programs by the ACPE Certified Educators. 

ACPE is the premier, Department of Education-recognized organization that provides the highest quality CPE programs for spiritual care professionals of any faith and in any setting. 

If you have any questions or for more information on our Clinical Pastoral Education program, please contact the Rev. Dr. Soomee Kim at

Interested in future CPE Programs in 2024? 

71% of patients

want chaplains to offer support to their family and friends.

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