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New Worship Primer Video Series

Do you want to see your collegiate ministry grow? How might your ministry stretch to reach a new generation? How might you deepen the spiritual lives of your students?

The Office of Collegiate Ministries has resources to help you answer these questions and many others. By visiting us online, you will find a new series of video primers related to a variety of collegiate ministry topics. These include: making a welcoming community, sermon planning, promotion, music selection, developing student leaders, and many other areas of ministry important to your work.

Also, over the coming months, we will be adding additional videos relevant to the many different sizes, locations, and types of campuses where your ministries occur.

So, whether it’s creating a new collegiate ministry or building up an existing one, these videos will help you.

Check us out online and join the movement of the faithful, imagining new and vital ways to embody God’s kingdom on the campus.

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