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In the early days of Methodism, members of the Methodist Societies were organized into classes under the direction of a leader. These groups were for mutual support, spiritual growth, and deepening knowledge about faithful living. When these groups regularly gathered, they were called class meetings. The class meetings became significant in shaping the character of early Methodism and the lives of those involved in them.

In our collegiate ministries, often, those connected to our work long for opportunities where mutual support, spiritual growth, and deepening knowledge about faithful living naturally intersect. Almost as often, these groups coalesce for short periods, centered on engaging with specific issues of interest to those gathered. Occasionally, the specific issue of interest driving participants together focuses on a topic of interest for which the group’s leader feels is beyond his or her range of knowledge to lead. Out of a concern to satisfy those groups’ interests and to meet the leaders’ need to be better resourced to lead those groups, The Office of Collegiate Ministry is introducing a new series, called Class Meetings.

Inspired by our historic roots to gather in small groups for support, growth, and deepening knowledge, Class Meetings is a small group study guide series for collegiate ministries addressing a variety of topics relevant to the campus. Written by collegiate ministers for collegiate ministers, the series empowers leaders on the campus to engage more proficiently a broad range of subjects of weight and substance.

In addition to being a resource, Class Meetings is, also, an opportunity. In order to expand the list of areas covered and enhance this as a resource for collegiate ministers, we are seeking study guide designers to add to the list of study guide topics. And, we want to pay you for your efforts. If you are interested in recommending a topic to be covered that you feel other collegiate ministers might want to address, you are willing to design the study guide, and you want to receive $250 for your efforts, then contact Tim Moore ( at the Office of Collegiate Ministry at GBHEM to propose the topic.

We know you have much too offer, are willing to help others, and seek to deepen your own work. We want to support you. So, enjoy this first sample of our new resource, use it as a template for what you might write, consider contributing, and pass the word to others.

Economic Justice Study Guide (PDF)