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For those who’ve heard God’s call to leadership, we’re here to make the journey with you, connecting you with what you need to flourish as difference-makers. That’s our commitment as the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry. GBHEM.

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Readings for Collegiate Ministers

You have your first job in collegiate ministry. You are passionate about young adults. You are deeply invested in Christ’s church, the kingdom of God, and the transformation of the world. You feel called to the campus, these people, and this work. It is wonderful work—work that requires specific skills, temperament, determination, and knowledge.

While you might have received—and many of us haven’t—formal training in theology, religious thought, biblical studies, pastoral ministry, or Christian ethics, there is a still a very good chance that little of that training was specifically for collegiate ministry. Soon, we all learn one way or another that campuses are not churches, students are not congregations, and young adults are not just youth without parental supervision.

So, just where do you begin this vital, perplexing, confounding, and amazing work?

Below are two lists of books suggested by collegiate ministers that they feel other collegiate ministers should read when they are new to this work (or for those not new to collegiate ministry but who are interested in deepening their knowledge about their particular ministerial discipline.)

These lists have deliberately been kept rather short so as to make them manageable. There certainly are other worthy books that might easily be added to these lists. But, we had to start somewhere. These books should form the foundation for other readings that you will find and add to your intellectual, administrative, and theological repository.

Explore, engage, and enjoy!

Introductory Readings

Advanced Readings

The Purposeful Graduate: Why Colleges Must Talk to Students about Vocation
Review by Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Gibbs

Between the World and Me
Review by Rev. Marilyn E. Thornton