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The Awakened Traveler

The Awakened Traveler

Turn your travel into a meaningful quest

Spiritual Practices: The Awakened Traveler is a fun, interactive adventure designed to help people think more deeply about the spirituality of travel.

GBHEM’s Tammy Gieselman and higher education consultant, Kina Mallard, worked in collaboration with noted travel expert Rick Steves, to bring this unique small group course to life. Small groups will find this experiential guide helpful before their next excursion, in the midst of exploring new cultures, or after a meaningful pilgrimage.

Travel heightens our emotions. It makes us really feel — deeply — the beauty, vividly — the power, and thoughtfully — the humanity. This enhanced experience changes us; it stokes our appetite for life.

– Rick Steves, Why We Travel

Whether you are a solo traveler or prefer to travel in groups, whether your next excursion will take you across the globe or into a neighboring community, The Awakened Traveler, is a fun, interactive adventure designed to help you and your friends think more deeply about the spirituality of travel

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Inside the Guide:

  • Activities that call you to – Think, Create, and Engage.
  • Space for journaling as a sacred ritual.
  • “Extra Mile” action that requires deeper engagement.
  • “Community as Text” projects that function as labs out in the field.
  • Case studies from real travelers who tell all.
  • Adventure guide structured using Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero with a Thousand Faces.”

During our conversation, as part of GBHEM Presents: Travel as a Spiritual Act, Rick invited me to create an interactive tool that would help interpret the spirituality of travel and demonstrate how thoughtful travel helps us develop a broader perspective.

– Tammy Gieselman

Inspired by an In-Depth Discussion

Thousands joined in when Tammy sat down with best-selling author and world-renowned travel expert Rick Steves to dialogue about Rick’s own transformational travel experiences over the last 4 decades and to inspire viewers to travel more thoughtfully.

By trekking to off-the-beaten-path destinations, Rick teaches us to appreciate diverse cultures and to understand difference as value. During the discussion, Rick reminded us that the most valuable souvenir from travel is a broader perspective. When travel is allowed to show us a new experience, we pause, reflect, and let the experience breathe. As you work through the adventure before you, you’ll understand why Rick teaches that travel is more than a holiday. That travel is our greatest teacher, makes our lives more meaningful, and connects us with a global family.

We recommend this adventure guide to encourage your deep dive into the spirituality of travel.

Consider gathering together before you book your next travel excursion – think, create, and engage – and listen for your call to be transformed and to change the world.

To be fully educated, one ought to travel, and I have witnessed transformational change by traveling with students and professors nationally and internationally.

– Kina Mallard

Higher Ed Consultant and Educator
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