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The General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM) works to create disciples of Jesus Christ by offering grants to those who qualify. 

Ethnic in-Service Training (EIST) Grant

The United Methodist Church allocates part of the World Communion Sunday offerings to GBHEM for ethnic leadership development. As part of its ongoing mission to nurture United Methodist leaders – both lay and clergy – GBHEM uses those funds to award Ethnic In-Service Training Grants. These grants are awarded in sums up to $10,000 and are given to programs designed to bolster recruitment, training and retention of ethnic persons for leadership positions at every level of the church and its ministry. READ MORE

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The Black College Fund

One of the most significant ways The United Methodist Church helps make quality education accessible to all is through the Black College Fund (BCF). Learn more about how it supports the 11 historically black colleges and universities related to the church.

Message at podium

Find out how the Young Clergy Initiative (YCI) works to grow the next generation of clergy in The United Methodist Church.

Asia Pacific Pathway

Explore funding options through the Central Conference Theological Education Fund (CCTEF). CCTEF was designed to strengthen theological education and pastoral formation in all the Central Conferences in Africa, Europe and the Philippines.

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