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Unity of the Church and Human Sexuality Toward a Faithful United Methodist Witness (Study Guide Translated Version)

by General Board of Higher Education

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Suitable for a 4-week study, this resource addresses how the church can be a witness and provide for a diversified human community.

Based on a paper by Dr. Charles M. Wood, the resource presents United Methodists an opportunity to think about what has become a cultural and ecclesial flashpoint—human sexuality—and comes out of the conviction that the church is thirsty for theological conversation.


Foreword by Dr. Kim Cape

Session One: The Conversation Matters

Session Two: Loving God with Our Mind Matters

Session Three: The United Methodist Church Matters

Session Four: Finding a Way Forward Matters

Afterword by Bishop Kenneth H. Carter

Appendix A: “An Ecclesial Vision for The United Methodist Church” by Dr. Charles M. Wood

Appendix B: Helps for Group Leaders

Methodism is no stranger to controversy. John Wesley addressed the contentious issues of his day and strove to hold the Methodist societies together across many lines of difference. This guide plumbs the depths of the Wesleyan heritage to enhance our faithful witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ at a time when devout followers are deeply divided.

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