Simply Grace: Everyday Glimpses of God

by Bruce L. Blumer
Simply Grace: Everyday Glimpses of God
ISBN: 9781945935381
ISBN: 9781945935381
ISBN: 9781945935398

Grace: simple yet complex; free but not cheap; comprehensible and mysterious.

God desires a relationship with us, nudging and sometimes shoving us into becoming more as God intends us to be. It’s simply grace. 

Rich with examples, this book will inspire you to become more aware of God in your everyday life. This book will help you discover the grace all around you and help you share this Good News. The author says this gift that is available regardless of what we’ve done or who we are. When we accept that we are loved, that we cannot earn a place with God, and we have already been forgiven, it changes our relationship with God and with each other. 

All profits from this book will be used to support scholarships and building an addition to a school in LaGonave, Haiti, through our non-profit organization, LaGonave Alive. For more information, go to

Praise for Simply Grace

“Simply Graceis a must read for anyone seeking an accessible, straightforward treatment of the wonder and power of God’s grace. Bruce Blumer utilizes insightful narrative and delightful, real-life grace stories to plum the mystery and paradox of grace. Grace is simple, yet complex. Grace is readily available; yet one must become radically attentive to God’s presence. Grace is free; yet not cheap. Whether a new Jesus follower or a mature disciple, Simply Gracewill open you to the reality that God wants to work on and with you.”

—Bishop Bruce R. Ough, Dakotas-Minnesota Area, The United Methodist Church

“Bruce Blumer’s book will invite you into a deeper relationship with Christ with these compelling stories that show us that we all need more of God’s grace. The book also provides compelling questions for personal or small group meditation. Grace is simply essential!”

—Clayton Smith, Retired Executive Pastor of Generosity and the ResurrectionFoundation atResurrectionUnited Methodist Church, Leawood, Kansas

“Bruce breaks grace down for us, using examples from his own life to paint a picture of how receiving grace and showing grace can look. By the end of Simply Grace, you’re able to recognize grace more easily in your own life, letting that free love from God flow from you and into the lives of others. Whether you’ve been following Jesus for decades or just became a Christian last month, you should read this book!” 

—Adam Weber, Lead pastor of Embrace Church and author of Talking with God

Bruce L. Blumer is the former Executive Director of The United Methodist Church Development Center in Nashville, TN; and co-founder of LaGonave Alive!—a nonprofit organized to serve and bring God’s hope, health, and happiness to the people on the island of LaGonave, Haiti.