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Quick and Easy Guide to United Methodist Polity

by Anne L. Burkholder and Thomas W. Elliott Jr.



ISBN: 9781945935121




ISBN: 9781945935121




ISBN: 9781945935138


A convenient, reliable guide to your polity questions

250+ entries, containing:

  • An important quote from John Wesley or other notable Methodists;
  • a definition and how the entry relates to pastors and leaders;
  • brief notes on historical/theological roots;
  • related Discipline paragraph numbers;
  • other essentials.

United Methodist polity is about ordering the life of the church for the mission of God in the world. This book anchors our understanding of how God is calling us to be covenant with each other and provides a comprehensive, annotated guide to the Discipline for pastors and church leaders, even district superintendents, bishops, agency staff, and others beyond the local church who need a quick reference guide to issues that arise in ministry settings.

“Burkholder and Elliott set a tone that should give any leader confidence…Polity means little, after all, except as it is practiced. In Wesleyan tradition polity is more like a rule of life than a rule book. That is, it’s a pattern for how to work together as a community called to witness and service – but that pattern must be lived out in experience.” from the Foreword by Tomas Edward Frank

Anne L. Burkholder is Associate Dean of Methodist Studies and Professor in the Practice of Ecclesiology at Candler School of Theology, Emory University.

Thomas W. Elliott Jr. is Assistant Professor in the Practice of Practical Theology, Director of Contextual Education II, Teaching Parish, and Ministry Internships at Candler School of Theology, Emory University.

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